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Volunteers Honored at the 2018 Annual GLSA Meeting

The GLSA honored five outstanding volunteers for their service at the 2018 Annual Meeting.  Blaine Barkley, Russ Fortner, Jim Grey, and Chris Hector received the GLSA Service Award for their extraordinary efforts in the fight against Aquatic Invasive Species-in particular Starry Stonewort.  These volunteers have put in countless hours to help protect our lake from AIS.

Dick Anderson received the GLSA Lifetime Achievement Award for his role in founding the Greater Lake Sylvia Association and his lifetime commitment to protect and improve the quality of Lake Sylvia.

Please join us in showing our appreciation for their dedication to the Greater Lake Sylvia Association!


news release

DNR postpones AIS training and trailer decal program

(Released January 28, 2015)

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources will postpone the new aquatic invasive species training and trailer decal program that was due to launch at the end of the month while legislators consider changes to the program.

Under a law passed by the state Legislature in 2012, anyone trailering a boat or water-related equipment such as docks and lifts in Minnesota is required to take aquatic invasive species training and display a decal on their trailer. The effective date is July 1, 2015.

“With the legislative interest in this educational program and ongoing discussions about possible changes, we are postponing the launch until we see if the Legislature acts this session to modify the program,” said Bob Meier, DNR assistant commissioner.

The DNR supports the education that would be provided under this law, but recognizes there are some concerns with the way the law is currently written. For example, people transporting boats on trailers through Minnesota to another destination are required to take the course and display a decal even if they don’t put their boat in Minnesota waters.

Since the training and decal are currently not required until July 1, the DNR wants to remind people that there will be time to see what happens legislatively and still take the course and receive decals. The agency will post online any updates on trailers and alert the media if there are any program changes.

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