Greater Lake Sylvia Association

Working to maintain and improve Lake Sylvia

Come Out and Enjoy The Fireworks

 Sunday July 1st, West Lake Sylvia Near Camp Chi Rho

Donation goal

Collected: $9,700.00
Goal: $7,500.00

It’s time to start thinking about fireworks.  As I write this, we still have ice on the lake, but if we want to enjoy fireworks on Lake Sylvia this summer, we need to get started fundraising.

We’ve schedule the fireworks display for Sunday, July 1. This date was chosen listening to concerns of people on the lake and the availability of RES Pyrotechnics. They have assured us another great evening watching the fireworks show with family and friends.

Now, it’s up to us. As with the past two years our goal is $7,500.00. You can donate using the button above. It’s that easy.  Please donate what you are comfortable with giving. Yes, some are able to give more than others, and we are grateful for that. Realize, however, nobody’s going to do it for us, and if we all work together raising the funds, it’s not that much money.

Thanks to everyone who donated in the past. Let’s have a great summer.

Randy Wilson

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