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What to do with an Injured or Dead Loon

Did you know that the common loon is a federally protected species? We were saddened to learn of reports of a dead and an injured loon on the lake after the 4th of July weekend. There was also a report of loons being harrassed. Several concerned residents have asked what to do. Here’s where to call to get help:


MINNESOTA DNR: Trent Anderson, the new Conservation Officer for our area: 320- 266-8683

NATIONAL LOON CENTER: 218-692- LOON (5666) - Monday through Friday 8am4pm

Rescues and transport can be very stressful to wild animals, including loons. We should only intervene, when necessary, e.g., injury because of human activity. Aggressive territorial battles between loons are natural occurrences in their lives and not typically a cause for intervention. To determine if the behavior of the loon you are observing is of concern, call a wildlife professional. NLC staff are available during regular office hours. The summer is a busy season for wildlife professionals and rehabilitators. If the incident happens outside of working hours or staff are unavailable to immediately respond, you should continue to monitor the loon. It may be best to wait for professional assistance if it is not a life-threatening injury.

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