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The GLSA Golf Tournament, 4th of July Boat Parade, Art Event and Annual Picnic have been cancelled for 2020

The Art Event will be rescheduled for Summer 2021

Annual GLSA Meeting is cancelled for 2020

Board of Director Positions - Paper Ballot - August 2020

Buttercup is sprouting out in Lake Sylvia

The pretty little white flower that grows to the surface of the lake and now found in several locations is referred to as buttercup.  It is a naturally occurring weed in lakes and streams.  There are a combination of conditions that seem to cause it to grow in places that did not previously have it and it seems we now have all of those conditions favorable to its’ growth in several locations.  The DNR website that contains more information about it is GLSA uses Lake Restoration to control invasive weeds in the lake and here is their website where you can also learn more and contract with them at your expense to deal with it should it be a problem for you.  

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What to do with docks, lifts or other water equipment taken out of the lake this fall that have zebra mussels attached?

Using a high pressure washer would be the most easy way to remove zebra mussels.  A high pressure washer might be able to be rented at Kaz hardware or the rental center in Buffalo or Monticello.  In many cases your neighbor may have one and is willing to share it.  

Update on Starry Stonewort Surveys and Treatments

"At the public access, we found a single fragment of SSW, less than an inch long (picture is attached). We also found a single bulbil at another site, attached to a rhizoid. I have attached a map of the results from the treatment area survey. Control and containment appear to be exceptional at the treatment site.

We also conducted a meander survey around the entire lake. We used rake sampling and visual observations. No additional SSW was observed."

This is a success story for those who treasure this lake. It shows what can be done if you are diligent and have the right science (and partners) backing you. 
This is the second year that the SSW infestation has shrunk and not spread elsewhere.

Congratulations to Blaine, Jim and the GLSA for their efforts.

Share your winter lake photos with us!!!!

You can upload them yourself, click here!

Starry Stonewort First Responder Team Formed

We have established a Starry Stonewort (SS) First Responder Team.  If you think you have found SS, please contact the following individuals for a positive ID in the order listed.  If the first person does not pick up call the next in line.  They will visit the site in question within 24 hrs and report back to the AIS Committee.

  1. Russ Fortner 320-274-8228
  2. Blaine Barkley 320-274-5804
  3. Rick Phipps 763-227-4535
  4. Keith Schaunaman 612-916-0546

Channel 5 ran a story on our Regional Inspection Program in Wright County.


On Tuesday June 27th The Wright County Commissioners unanimously approved an ordinance to require inspections of all water-related equipment entering East and West Lake Sylvia, Lake John and Pleasant Lake. The video shows the support we are receiving and the interest across the State in this effort. 

Well Done Wright County!

Seeking to stop starry stonewort - by Juliana Thill in Dockside magazine. (shared with permission).
The recording of the Starry Stonewort Summit is also available.

Changing the Mindset on AIS - by Nick Phelps, Jeff Forester in Dockside magazine. (shared with permission).

Who Represents Me? and Legislative Districts

Who Represents Me? - Use the district finder to retrieve a list of your representatives with contact information.

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