Greater Lake Sylvia Association

Working to maintain and improve Lake Sylvia


GLSA memberships is open to residents and friends of Lake Sylvia. Membership dues are $100 once a year.



The mission of the Great Lake Sylvia Association is to

protect and improve the quality of

East Lake Sylvia and West Lake Sylvia in Wright County, Minnesota.

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  • Annual GLSA Meeting -  Saturday,  June 5th, South Haven City Hall
  • Fireworks - Friday, July 2, 2021 - West lake at dusk
  • 4th of July Boat Parade -11:30 am 
  • GLSA Golf Tournament - July 10th at Southbrook                        
  • Lake Sylvia Art Event - Postponed until June 2022
  • Annual Picnic August 21st, Camp Chi Rho, 4-8pm 


Russ Fortner 


Lisa Peery


Steve Hoien  


Renee Wyffels 


GLSA Board of Directors
Blaine Barkley                                Mike McNellis

Stephani Lind          Jan Evenson

Jerry Euteneuer                                 Keith Schaunaman 
Jim Gray                                                                Ken Schumacher
Jim Maciej                           
Steph Schaunaman

Mark Struble                          Claire Dempsey

~~~~~~Update on Starry Stonewort (Ssw) Surveys and Treatments~~~~~~~

Attached is a five year report of the monitoring and management of starry stonewort at West Lake Sylvia.

It is great news to see how successful management and containment of this species has been over the last 5 years.

Thanks to all those who donated and worked on this project.

Reminder: It Takes Just One.....

GLSA water quality teams have worked for many years to maintain the quality of the lake that draws people from all over central Minnesota to the Annandale area.  Each year Lake Sylvia residents contribute tens of thousands of dollars to maintain the beauty and clarity of the lake.  Many water related issues such as zebra mussels have no cure or any way to manage the issue, they simply degrade the lake over time.   The main point of entry of an invasive specie that will degrade our lake that everyone loves is a boat landing.  Lake Sylvia pays to have inspectors at the DNR public landing seven days a week, 12 hours a day to inspect the boats that come to enjoy Lake Sylvia. The inspectors are not there to “catch” a boater doing something wrong, they are there to educate the public while protecting the lake.  People that look for ways to launch their boats without inspection using a private landing are the greatest threat to the lake.  It just takes one boat to undo years of work, tens of thousands of dollars in control costs, and hundreds and hundreds of volunteer hours to introduce a new unmanageable issue such as spiny water fleas or any of several other issues to the lake.  Don’t Be The One that undoes years of effort  that  keep Lake Sylvia clean and clear.

Please have your boat inspected free of charge by a trained inspector at the public landing.

Click the link below for the MN Boating Guide from the DNR

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