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The Greater Lake Sylvia Association (GLSA) has contracted to treat Eurasian Water Milfoil, Curly Leaf Pondweed, and Starry Stonewort, all invasive aquatic species during 2019. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has granted to Greater Lake Sylvia Association a waiver of the requirement that the Association obtain the signatures of approval of owners of lakeshore property. Instead Greater Lake Sylvia Association will notify property owners through alternative forms. This notice is one form that the Greater Lake Sylvia is using to notify property owners. Other forms of notification may include but are not limited to notification through the association’s email list, website, annual newsletter or annual meeting.

With regard to the treatments for this year, 2019 the target treatments are:

1. Curly Leaf Pondweed. The proposed dates for treatment of is between May 1 and June 30 2019.

2. Eurasian Water Milfoil. The proposed dates for treatment is between June 1 and July 2019.

3. Starry Stonewort. The proposed dates for treatments are between June1 through October 31 2019.

The method of control or product being used: EPA and MDA registered aquatic herbicides and algicides such as but not limited to Cutrine Plus Algicide, Liquid 2,4-D, Granular 2,4-D, Diquat.

How landowners may request that control not occur adjacent to the landowner’s property: If you desire that the treatment of any of the above listed invasive species not occur adjacent to your property, please notify the Greater Lake Sylvia Association by May 1, 2019, at the following address and email address below: Greater Lake Sylvia Association P.O. Box 279 Annandale, MN. 55302 or Russ Fortner, President, Greater Lake Sylvia Association (published in the Annandale Advocate, Wednesday, April 17, 2019)


September 5, 2018

This is a courtesy notice. Greater Lake Sylvia Association (GLSA) will have the area around the public access on the west shore of the west lake, including a short distance into Shootin' Holler Bay adjoining the access channel,  treated for starry stonewort (SSW) on Tuesday, September 11 by a professional chemical applicator, weather permitting.  See the attached map of the area to be treated.  As part of the treatment, multiple measurements of the amount of chemical in the water are taken from a second boat or kayak to insure compliance with the amount of chemical allowed by the permit for SSW treatment.  The treatment for SSW has been approved by the MN DNR that owns the access and has jurisdiction over the lake and chemicals used in the lake.   Bright colored signs with water use instructions/limitations will be posted on the shoreline of areas close to the impacted treatment area or will be attached to a colorful float.  The chemical is considered safe for lake use by the DNR at permitted levels.  A copy of the label listing permitted uses and cautions is attached.  If you choose to read the label, read all of it for the best understanding.  GLSA contracts for the liquid version of this chemical that flows down weighted hoses to the bottom of the lake eliminating chemical drift in the air and GLSA does water testing for several days after application with reports furnished to the MNDNR.  In the future, GLSA will send GLSA members email courtesy notices in advance identifying areas and dates of intended treatments contracted for by GLSA to help you plan lakefront activities.  Keep in mind we try to treat invasive species midweek when the fewest number of people are using the lake.  There are no other planned chemical treatments for the balance of this year for Eurasian milfoil or curly leaf pondweed.  There may be one more SSW treatment in October in the public access area if needed. 

Since there are many companies that do chemical applications to lakes and several homeowners on Lake Sylvia contract directly with them to treat their beach area for any of a number of reasons GLSA does not treat, it may be possible that you find someone else treating water near your property.  GLSA is not given any notice of others that have a permit for treatment of their beachfront area and is not involved with those treatments.  

 Blaine Barkley

GLSA Invasive Species Chairperson

Cutrine Plus Label.pdf

2018 Sylvia SSW Sample Sites Around Public Access- August 27.jpg



East and West Lake Sylvia (Wright County Mn) Property Owners: The Greater Lake Sylvia Association (GLSA) will treat the above three listed invasive water species in 2018.  

The Minnesota Dept of Natural Resources (DNR) has granted to GLSA a waiver of the requirement that the GLSA obtain signatures of approval from owners of lakeshore property.

Instead, the GLSA is notifying property owners of the treatment through alternative forms.

This notice is one form that the GLSA is using to notify property owners. Other forms include notification in the GLSA Newsletter and on the GLSA website

With regard to the treatment of Starry Stonewort, Curly Pondweed and Eurasian Milfoil for 2018:

• The DNR is evaluating a permit to treat areas on Lake Sylvia

• The proposed dates of treatment will be between approximately May 10 thru June 10, 2018 for the target Curly Pondweed. The method of control will be DNR approved Aquathol K, granular herbicide.

  • The proposed dates of treatment will be approximately June 10 thru July 15, 2018 for the target Eurasian Milfoil. The method of treatment will be DNR approved Alligare 2.4-D Amine.

• The approximate dates for treatment for Starry Stonewort will be from June 1, 2018 with repeated treatments if required for proper control on July 1, August 1, and September 1, 2018.  The DNR approved method of treatment is Cutrine Plus Algaecide liquid.

Landowners may request that control not occur adjacent to the landowner's property.  If you desire that the treatments not  occur adjacent to your property, immediately notify Blaine Barkley, GLSA Chairperson, Invasive Species, at the following address: 15613 65th St. NW Annandale, MN, 55302 or 320-274-5804.

(published in the Annandale Advocate)

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