Greater Lake Sylvia Association

Working to maintain and improve Lake Sylvia

GLSA Events (funded & donation funded)

Annual Meeting:

The GLSA pays for the location rental, donuts, coffee, supplies.  

July 4th Fireworks:

The fireworks show is totally funded by donations from homeowners on the lake.  If the funds/donations are not there, the fireworks won't take place.  No funds come from the GLSA, this event is self-supporting. 

July 4th Boat Parade

The boat parade is another donation funded event, no funds come from the GLSA, this event is self-supporting.  

GLSA Golf Tournament

This is by far our biggest fundraiser for AIS.  Again, GLSA may front the committee some money for deposits, etc. but those funds are always returned/paid back to GLSA.  The GLSA does not contribute funds to this event, it is self-supported thru donors and various games (aka skins, etc.). 

GLSA Picnic

The GLSA picnic funds itself through our generous donors/advertisers, ticket sales and the raffle.  GLSA will front some funds initially like deposits on our venue or for the band but those funds are always paid back to the GLSA.  Generally the picnic makes money and that money goes toward AIS.  GLSA does not contribute financially to this event.

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